Miami Finds: 2/14/18


I celebrated my Valentine’s day in Miami this year and let me tell ya, it was magical! I can honestly say February 14th, 2018 changed the way I saw Miami! I FELL EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH MY CITY. My morning started with a plane ride above the glamorous city. The pilot left from Pembroke Pines Airport and flew above Sunny Isles, North Miami, South Beach, Key Biscayne and Brickell. To top it off, champagne was provided!






Fun fact:   7 pastel homes hover above the green water a mile off the coast of Florida. Each home is significantly far from each other within in the boundaries of Key Biscayne National Park.  From the plane, it seemed as if the homes were large boats. According to The Atlantic, “Legend has it that the first shack was built by Eddie Walker in 1933. In addition to bait, beer, and crawfish chowder, Eddie’s island kingdom also offered gambling, which was apparently legal if located at least one mile offshore”.





My day came to an end at the Nautilus Hotel in South Beach. What an elegant hotel!! About 3 years ago this hotel was renovated top to bottom. The hotel has new features, which include the Cabana Club, an outdoor pool bar, and a lounge in the lobby.

As I strolled up to the front door of the hotel, I was warmly greeted by each employee in sight. As I entered, a rush of lavender and fresh powder aromas filled the air. Glamorous  grays, golds, marble and greenery filled the lobby. From the lobby, to the pool area, and all the way to the guest rooms, everything was perfectly chic! You will simply feel like royalty when staying at the Nautilus Hotel.










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