Airport Vibes: Ft. Lauderdale to New Jersey

Do you dread going to the airport two hours early just to sit and WAIT?? I know I always look forward to whatever trip I am going on, but I do not look forward to playing the waiting game at my gate! So, as I sit here in Ft. Lauderdale International Airport I came up with an exciting idea to pass time! Starting a new blog series called, “Airport Vibes” will not only occupy me in the airport, but this series will give useful tips on what to do in certain airports to pass your time!!


First things first….. Charge up!! I am convinced it is physically impossible to not use your phone AT ALL while waiting to board your plane. Music, photos, social media, phone calls, etc. Yeah, you get the point. So, to some this may be old old news, but to others this may be brand new news! Airports now have charging stations and charging bars. Personally, I love the charging bars because they give me my own space to charge all of my electronics and finish up some homework.


I really love grabbing a chai tea latte or an iced coffee when I first get to the airport, so I feel awake and energized. I try not to cheat on my Starbucks, but I love seeing the different cafes and bakeries each airport has. Ft. Lauderdale Airport has a bakery called Harvest and Grounds and I love their selection! I have had a couple of early morning flights out of FLL and I can always count of grabbing a Latte and a croissant from this bakery.


* 20 minutes later * WOW I’m guilty…. I just caught myself people watching. I guess we can add that to our list for what to do to waste time at the airport. The second I see someone wearing a stunning necklace, a cool outfit, or pretty shoes I get sucked in for a hot minute. Let me tell ya, the airport is a fantastic place to look for new outfit ideas, for sure!


Fun Fact: If you fly into Ft. Lauderdale and you want to experience a little piece of Miami before making the hour drive down south to the city, make a pit stop in this cuban cafe! 


One thought on “Airport Vibes: Ft. Lauderdale to New Jersey

  1. Great tip about the charging stations! I also get fashion ideas by people watching! There’s is a big difference between dressing in comfortable and dressing in comfort with style! Sand and Satin definitely travels with style!👍

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