Valentines Day Travel

    Who says we have to keep it simple and stick by the cliche traditions for Valentine’s Day ? We expect our significant others to give us a bouquet of flowers, a fancy dinner, and a box of chocolates. But, why not take a quick trip together? – To make amazing memories and actually […]

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Why I fell in love with Miami

I did the big move from the Jersey Shore to Miami and it has been my most pleasant decision I ever made! So many opportunities and memories can happen in this beautiful city. Miami truly is unique and something special. People usually think of  Miami as another universe itself that is somehow connected to the United […]

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5 Tips for traveling alone

 Tip #1: Remember… YOU’RE NOT ALONE! We all know traveling alone could be scary for the first time and being alone for a long period of time can be daunting, but just go with the flow! Try new things on your own. Meet new people. Remember there are people from around the world traveling to the same location […]

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Why I created Sand and Satin

  Well, here it goes! I could have never imagined when I created “Sand and Satin” that it would open up doors of opportunities and help me follow my dreams. I have always looked for my “talent” and my “passion” and I think it is safe to say, I found it! I created “Sand and Satin” […]

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About Ci

Welcome to my blog, Sand and Satin! Name: Ci Location: Miami Passion: Traveling & Jewelry Design   To tell you the truth… I have an obsession with traveling and jewelry. ✨I created my own jewelry company ~Sand and Satin~ in March of 2017. I strive to embrace  Creativity, Happiness, Inspiration, and Confidence in women through my designs✨ BUT, Over the […]

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